continuous led lighting


  • 1000 Watt
  • Bi-Color
  • 2700-6500 K
  • Flicker-Free
  • Swivel Arm
  • CRI 96

“HighNoon – continuous led lighting”

That is our response to the increasing demand for continuous led lighting solutions to replace 6-7kW burners. With a diameter of 70 cm and a very flat design, this power lamp is much better to handle than conventional LED film spotlights of this class. This light source offers a very soft illumination.

The Cinetile LED film light

1000 watts of power with completely noiseless operation brings the HighNoon continuous led lighting on stage. Using the swivel bracket with 28mm TV spigot, the HighNoon can easily be mounted on smaller tripods. The color temperature is infinitely adjustable from 2700-6500 Kelvin. With different diffuser discs, the light scattering is adapted in no time to the needs of the set.


Effect programs and high-speed ready

The ICC1248 ballast has a touch display and a rotary knob for operation. DMX IN-OUT are also on board as well as effects programs like adjustable Fire effects. The whole system is high-speed ready and flicker-free up to 1500 fps.



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LED Filmscheinwerfer Vorschalterät


High Noon

Item number 3000050430
Processor: TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
CRI: >95,9 / R9: 93,2
Illuminace intensity: 22.000 Lux at 1m Distance

7200 Lux at 2m Distance

4800 Lux at 3m Distance

Brightness: Dimmable 0 – 100%
Color temperature: 2700K – 6500K
Circuit points: CPC
Dimensions: diameter 690 cm x depth 17 cm
Weight: 22,5 kg
Energy supply: Atop Ballast ICC1248
Ambient temperature: Max. 40°C
Surface temperature: Max. 60°C
Energy consumption: Max. 1000 Watt at 100%
Mounting Swivel Arm, TV-Spigot 28mm
Service: Atop Ballast ICC1248, Touch, button
Accessories: Cables, Diffusion, flight-case,