ballast controls:

  • Cinetile Sticks
  • SmartWing
  • Cinetile Bricks
  • Butterfly-LedZ

DMX205 LED ballast

Here it is, our small DMX LED controller for daily use in the studio and on set. With this small ballast, various “Cinetile” Led systems can be operated. Such as Butterfly-LedZSticks&Bricks and the SmartWing´s series. The DMX205 LED ballast allows you to control various LED systems with up to 100 watts. Brightness and color temperature are continuously adjusted via two rotary knobs. The power supply is provided by a 100-260 V mains voltage. Furthermore, various connection cables are available for operating our LED systems. With DMX in-out connection, this DMX LED controller is the ideal complement to your existing studio installation.


Set light accents

Our Light Management processor ensures that all compatible LED systems are run flicker-free up to 1500 fps. This makes high-speed recordings possible with all Cinetile systems. Set great light scenes in the smallest space. The combination of DMX205 and Sticks & Bricks is perfect for this. In addition, thanks to DMX In-Out, this system is integrated into your existing installation. Due to its low weight and small dimensions, this device is also perfect for on the go. You can also get complete studio sets on request.

Thus, an effective lighting system is available to Gaffer and DoP´s. The complete systems are delivered in outdoor cases. So they are perfectly protected against transport damage and moisture.

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DMX205 Controller

Item number:: 3000040899
Processor: TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
Service: Atop Control Dial
Parameter settings: Stepless
Output channel: 1 Channel
Circuit points: BScab, DMX In-Out, Mains plug
Electric tension: 100-260 Volt
Output: Max 100Watt
Energy supply: Mains voltage
Casting: Aluminium
Dimensions: Length 185mm, Width 170 mm, High 57 mm
Weight: 1050 g
Application area: Studio, Filmset, on the way
Suitable LED Systems: Butterfly-LedZ, SmartWing, Sticks&Bricks