ballast controls:

  • Butterfly-LedZ
  • Cinetile Sticks
  • Cinetile Bricks
  • SmartWing

Cinetile LED Light Controller – ILC300

This LED light controller is a professional ballast for all “Cinetile” LED systems. It is possible to connect the Butterfly-LedZSticks&Bricks and the SmartWing´s to the ILC300 ballast. By the way, this LED light controller is equipped with three separate output channels. The operation is either via touch screen or via the adjusting wheel on the front. In addition, the housing is stackable and can thus be positioned securely.

Of course, the ILC300 comes also with a DMX interface. This LED light controller can also be used as a ballast for existing installations. Large handles on the front of the case provide for a lot of comfort and ease of use. The housing can be positioned flat or upright. This provides a comfortable operation. Parameters such as color temperature and brightness are conveniently controlled via touchscreen. All settings are shown on the screen. Not only repeatable and programmable settings are possible, but there are even effect programs.

Programmable Light Effects

Chimney fire, thunderstorm, strobe and flash are available by quick selection. However, freely programmable light effects are also possible. Our smart processor control allows flicker-free operation up to 1500 fps. Thus, all Cinetile LED systems are ready for high-speed shootings. This versatile controller features up to 300 watts of output power. Convince yourself of the advantages of this practical LED light controller!

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ILC300 Controller

Item number:: 3000044314
Processor: TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
Service: Atop Touchscreenn, Spring-Return Button
Display: LCD Display with touch function

o   Color temperature

o   Brightness

o   Effects

o   Channels

o   DMX

Parameter settings: stepless
Output channel: 3 Channel
Circuit points: BScab, DMX, AUX, Mains plug
Electric tension: 100-260 Volt
Output: Max. 300 Watt
Energy supply: Atop Rubber Connector
Casting: Aluminium
Dimensions: Length 318mm, Width 185 mm, High 100 mm
Weight: 3500 g
Application area: Studio, Set, Outdoor
Suitable LED Systems: Butterfly-LedZ, SmartWing, Sticks&Bricks
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