Energy savings and operating cost savings are enormous with the consistent use of LED luminaires.

Many manufacturers are still struggling with a poor color rendering index, we developed “TLMP” to get the full performance of the LED`s. We sweep away the rumors that LED Lighting is not practical for professional film- and photo shootings. Our “Cinetile-Series” will inspire you exactly that!

BM150 LED Video Light ,led video lighting 7


video led panel, LED Videolicht


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led studiobeleuchtung DMX Controller


led studioscheinwerfer Butterfly


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LCM205 LED Controller


LED Studioscheinwerfer Produkte, led video light


Perfect illumination for your models!

perfect skin tone
variable color temperature
equaliy light radiation
flicker-free 1500 fps
120 Lux per Watt

... Butterfly-LedZ

Innovative Led Video Light

We designed our Cinetile LED video light s to meet the highest demands. Equipped with modern technology and made of high-quality materials, our headlights offer solutions for the demanding tasks of daily studio and mobil use.

Especially on the set for professional filmed productions, DOP and Gaffer rely on the products of our “Cinetile Series”.

Our Portfolio

  • LED Studio Headlight´s
  • LED Panel
  • Special Effect Light´s
  • Connection Cable
  • LED Controls
  • prototyping
  • LED Matrix
  • Highpower Studiolight
  • LED Softlight´s
  • Mobil LED Video Light s
  • Accent Illumination
  • DMX Controller
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • V-Mount Battery Adapter
Butterfly-ledz led studioscheinwerfer, led video light

LED Video Light for film and photo shootings

What is only a camera without illumination? Only through the right lighting all colors become visible to our eyes. The sunlight set the standards! Best possible CRI is therefore one of the most important criteria for artificial lighting. All cinetile headlamps come with CRI over 95 and run up to 1500 fps flicker-free.With these reliable LED video light s, you can concentrate fully on your work and thus give freedom to your creativity.


led video light, led studioscheinwerfer Butterfly-ledz

You like to test our LED Video Light?

Contact us. We offer some products of our studios light´s for test purpos. You will receive individual advice and service from Inteca as well as a fair price offer.

Our Passion

We have set ourselves the task of developing the perfect LED lighting for film and photo shoots. Cinetile LED video light s  set accents in quality and design. We work together with DoP´s and Gaffer for more usability of our lighting systems. Developed for the high requirements of the film production, “Cinetile headlights” are reliable equipment for first-class recordings.


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