• Bi-Color
  • 2700-6500 K
  • CRI >95
  • 120 Lux at 1m
  • Flicker-free
  • High Speed Recording
  • Battery Option
  • Ultra thin Design
  • Plug and Play

Video LED Panel

Individual lighting with Sticks & Bricks video LED panel. These smart modules are equipped with all technical highlights of the Cinetile video LED panel series. Can be combined to different shapes and connect with rotatable contacts! The perfect complement to your portable lighting equipment. These small video LED panels find room, in every situation on set. Any number of Sticks & Bricks can be interconnected and centrally controlled. Their extremely flexible design allowing adaptation to any kind of space. As a result, optimal conditions for their perfect image capture can be created!


Ultra portable light source

Differently to LED strips, these video LED panels can be used again and again. This will dramatically reduce follow-up costs. Three controllers are currently available, ILC300, DMX205, LCM205. This system can be combined with all Cinetile Video LED Panel ´s and can be centrally controlled. The ultra-small pack size of the Stick & Bricks system makes transport easier and improves recording and the workflow on set.



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Item number: (white edition) Stick: 3000040686
  Brick: 3000040881
Item number: (black edition) Stick: 3000041640
  Brick: 3000041636
Processor: TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
CRI: 95,9 / R9: 93,2
Illuminace intensity: 115 Lux at 1m Distance (per Unit)
Brightness: Dimmable 0 – 100%
Color temperature: 2700K – 6500K
Circuit points: Swivel-Joint Connector
Dimensions: Stick: Length 95mm x Width 25mm x High 8mm
Brick: Length 45mm x Width 45mm x High 8mm
Weight: Brick: 11g, Stick 12,6g
Energy supply: Atop Controller (LCM205, DMX205, ILC300)
Ambient temperature: Max. 40°C
Surface temperature: Max. 60°C
Energy consumption: Max. 2,5 Watt per unit at 100%
Connection: Cascading of several units
Service: Atop Led Controller (LCM205, DMX205, ILC300)
Accessories Battery controller, Cables, Diffusion, Outdoorcase
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