Butterfly-LedZ RGBW 100


  • Variable color temperature
  • Bi-Color + RGB
  • CRI 96
  • 7000 Lux at 1m distance
  • Flicker-free up to 1500fps
  • High-Speed Shooting ready
  • Foldable
  • Ultra Flat Design
  • Flexible Mounting



Folding Frame 4’x4′ for RGB Film Lighting

Article numberr:                          3000049332

The new 4’x4 ‘folding frame for all Butterfly-LedZ sets new standards. It is self-assembling, and because of small pack size super easy for transport. Now you can build a 4’x4 ‘softbox in seconds. Simply unfold the frame, attach the Butterfly-LedZ from behind and pull the diffuser cover over – done!





DoPchoice SnapGrid 4’x4′

Article number:                          3000045266

The ultra lightweight SnapGrid reduces the angle of illuminating of the Butterfly-LedZ 4’x4′ RGB Film Lighting to 60 °. It is manufactured by the company DoPchoice exactly adapted to our LED system. The ingenious snap system from DoPchoice makes the grid very small and easy to transport.





Spacer Frame for Diffusor

Article number:                          3000045767

With this lightweight and foldable frame, different diffusers can be mounted in front of the Butterfly LedZ 4’4. The frame creates a distance to the headlight of 11 cm and is opaque. The pack size is folded just 121 x 11 x 10 cm.




Diffusor Quarter (47,5%)

Article number:                          3000045766

Diffusor Half (22,5%)

Article number:                          3000045782

Diffusor Full (15%)

Artikcle number:                          3000045781

Different diffusers are available for our spacer frame. Thus, you can customize the Butterfly LedZ LED RGB Film Lighting perfectly to the local conditions.


Butterfly-LedZ RGB Film Lighting


The new version of the Butterfly-LedZ RGB Film Lighting is equipped with RGB chips plus warm and cold white LEDs. Thus, the white light is not only mixed from red, green and blue, but produced with warm and cold white Led`s. This allows the full color gamut with very efficient color rendering of CRI 96. All colors can be addressed individually or blended freely via the color gamut in the touch panel of the ICC controller. Another upgrade of the RGBW surface light are the safety covers on the printed circuit boards, which reliably protect against damage to the LEDs.


Flexible, Mobile, Leight Weight…


An outstanding feature of the Butterfly-LedZ RGB Film Lighting is the low weight of just 2.95 kg. For transport, the lamp can be easily folded and fits in any hand luggage. With a size of 121×121 cm (4’x4 ‘), mobile setups with equable and flat illumination are built up in a flash.


DMX, Ballast und Accessories


All functions of the LedZ RGB Film Lighting are controllable as usual by 5 pin DMX input and output. The operation of the software is possible either via touchpad via the display or via rotary control. The new ICC ballast is completely passive cooled and therefore absolutely noiseless. Effects like fire, strobe and fade are pre-programmed. Others can be programmed and saved setups.


To combine multiple Butterfly-LedZ RGB Film Lighting


Every version of the Butterfly-LedZ RGB Film Lighting can either be connected side by side or offset one above the other. Thus, on the one hand, the light output on the same surface can be increased or the entire surface can be maximized. Thereby they are e.g. 4’x8 ‘, 8’x8’ settings or larger possible. Extensive accessories such as softbox, folding frame, diffusers or SnapGrid complete this lighting system optimally.


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Butterfly-LedZ RGBW 100

Prozessor: TLMP (The Light Management Processor)
Color Rendering


Illuminating intensity: 7000 Lux at 1m distance
Brightness: dimable 0 – 100%
Color temperature: Bi-Color 2700K – 6500K + RGB
Circuit points: CPC
Dimensions: Länge 1210mm x Breite 1210mm /4’x4′ feet
Weight: 2950 g
Energy supply: Atop Ballast (ICC632, ICC1232)
Working temperature : Max. 40°C
Surface temperature: Max. 60°C
Energy consumption: Max. 300 Watt / at 100% Output
Mounting conventional 4’x4′ Frame, Cinetile Foldable Frame 4’x4′,  Velcro Tape, universal by eyelets
Service: Atop Ballast (ICC632, ICC1232)
Accessories (optional): Cinetile Foldable Frame 4’x4′, Spacer Frame 4’x4′, Connection Cables 5m + 10m, Diffusor, Outdoorboxes, Mountings, Dop Choice Snapgrid 4’x4′


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